Eugenics is the True Methodology of Evolution

Evolution exists because of tolerance of its
Logical Fallacies that excuse its practice-Eugenics

The above graphic, a quote by Richard Dawkins, is suppose to quiet all opposition to evolution; however, it commits the logical fallacy of conflation to destroy its very legitimacy. While gravity is a theory because the actual force is unknown, its effects are measurable and repeatable {you do this ever time you weigh yourself}. However, evolution is a past event; therefore, it is not repeatable nor can it be measurable which removes it from the realm of science. Evolution is in fact a context for discoverable facts; however, it has failed to even fit the facts that it claims. Evolution survives because it carries the force of government being the only legitimate view of creation allowed to be taught in schools. In other words, evolutionary theory survives because of government suppression of free speech of opposing contexts of the available facts.

But there is a more sinister reason that evolution survives despite the fact that it has yet to find a single transitional fossil to support its claim of transmutation of one kind of organism into a completely different kind of organism; i.e., a fish into an amphibious animal into a reptile into a mammal, etc. This reason was contained in the original title of Darwin’s book but was changed in the sixth edition and never repeated since, especially since the end of World War II. The title, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life (Wikipedia).

Eugenics is the practice of modern evolution
to secure the position of the favored race

Eugenics was the overt implementation of evolutionary practice until World War II. Margaret Sanger promoted abortion to have the “inferior” races voluntarily destroy themselves and this has morphed into Planned Parenthood today which exists because of government support for its practices. Hitler used eugenics to produce his Aryan “master race” promoting it above inferior non-Germanic races including Jews whom he saw as a threat to German survival. Eugenics became tacitly discredited post World War II because of the overt harshness of its mass scale implementation resulting in thousands of deaths. However, this does not mean that the practice of eugenics was abandoned, only changed to fit extant goals – promotion of the master race.

Another logical fallacy is that one can have
evolution without eugenics: practice from results

The evolutionists promote another logical fallacy: that the practice of evolution {production of a superior race} can be accomplished without eugenics {practice of producing superior people}. In fact, the concept of races was developed just to support Darwin’s thesis that the white race was superior over all other darker races (See: Racism: The Myth of Our Day). The Bible teaches God created only one race of men. Races, and thus racism, became a false mechanism to segregate peoples into groups (divide and conquer). This played out in American streets in the 1960s when the whites {Democrats} refused to legally recognize others {Negros} as being equal, having the same quality of humanity as themselves.  The race riots rebelled against this false dichotomy but became quickly subservient when placated with government {Democratic} welfare and the government legalization of abortion {Roe v. Wade}. The effect upon these families was disastrous reducing their access to political power; i.e., keeping them subservient.

This struggled has reared its ugly head in Europe with the wholesale influx of Muslim refugees into otherwise homogeneous white countries. Masquerading as religious tolerance this is nothing more than than superior Islamists using those they consider inferior Islamists {Read: non-Arab} to inundate and change Europe into a Muslim power. However, at its base is nothing more than brute force eugenics: out produce the prevailing inhabitants morphing the nation into a Muslim state {Indonesia}. This is little more than a struggle of one perceived race over another perceived race with the assistance of its own political structures who hope to share in the gains of being part of the superior race.

Those who deem themselves to be the superior race are actually in a race to be the superior race. The true goal of control is to suppress those who are not like you. In the early to mid 20th century brute force was the mechanism but it was too obvious to be long tolerated. Afterward the means became more subtle but not less lethal. The goals are clearly marked by one such group in what has become known as the Georgia Guidestones (Read: Global Governance – When the World Changed, Again). Islam is certainly clear that only it can be the superior race {all others must be destroyed}. Zionism is also clear but more deceptive since it is the smallest of the groups (Read: Globalism Comes Home to Roost). Large segments of peoples are not well organized but certainly territorial. Yes, eugenics is alive and well and active. To accept evolution without eugenics is to deny the obvious: both are different sides of the same coin. This is the essence and practice of doublethink

Immigration control was unheard of throughout history until the development of evolution and its implementation by government fiat {Social Darwinism}. Just as eugenics began overtly and became covert, so also did social Darwinism begin very overtly; however, the costs of World War I forced this governmental philosophy to become covertly implemented. Immigration is nothing more than another means of controlling unwanted races from contaminating your society. It was practiced against the southern Europeans, Latinos, Orientals and now those of Islamic persuasion who are darker skinned. We were not the inventors of this skin-based policy. It was codified and practiced by the Hindus millennium earlier in their caste system {lower the caste the darker the skin color}.

Gnosticism is nothing more than the promotion of
Evolutionary Eugenics – A Superior Race

Peter clearly stated that in the last days {since the ascension of Christ} many will scoff at the idea of God pointing to the supposedly unchanging natural processes that do not need a God (2Pe 3:1-7). In essence, this is evolution unmasked as anti-God and thus pro-man as god. The implementation of evolution so that only the true superior people are gods is the practice of eugenics in its wide variety of forms. In the end the goal is to have only one ruling group of acceptable people with the elimination of those deemed unacceptable. In our day we are seeing this struggle for which group gets to proclaim itself as superior. The perversion of science to this pursuit was attempted overtly in the 20th century but not abandoned. While much good may come from DNA studies the end result will be the attempt to develop acceptable for the future while eliminating those deemed not acceptable. Those without this technology will use bullets and bombs but will be no less adamant in their pursuit.

Christian, we are not to be deceived by Lucifer’s lie nor the practices of the world (2Th 2:5-12). The world hated Christ and it will hate us for exposing and rejecting its practices (Jo 15:18-19). To the lost this sounds nonsensical or worse: dangerous. Yet, we should not promote one group over another but teach the Gospel of salvation to all so everyone may be slaves of righteousness to Christ, freed from the bondage of sin (Ro 6:15-18).

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).