Empathy’s Goal – Tyrannical Equality

George Orwell Popularized this Term
Modern Culture uses Doublethink

Our brief look at empathy now looks at its practical application in our lives under the guise of equality. What is equality? It is the quality of being equal. What does this actually tell us about the concept; nothing!

Thus, the concept of equality violates the Law of Identity since it cannot be defined without using itself in the definition. What then occurs is doublethink, using opposing concepts of equality legitimizing inequality which is the intended outcome! Equality does not act alone; its handmaiden, fairness, is equally elusive in meaning. Both of these terms are then used to promote justice legitimizing the coercive force of the state to enforce whatever is defined as equality at that moment.

Nelson Mandela – Equality Terrorist
Murderer of Thousands, and Loved

Mr. Mandela is the poster model of doublethink. Mr. Mandela was popularized as an apostle of peace and equality though he was a Communist terrorist of the African National Congress and jailed for killing thousands {ultimate form of true equality from man’s perspective (Ec 3:18-22)}. He never disavowed his earlier actions; indeed, he built on them to develop equality in South Africa {equality in this case meant him being in power oppressing others rather than others being in power oppressing others}. Mr. Mandela flew under the flag of diversity: a modern concept that says, [paraphrase] differences makes everyone stronger. But in practice equality cannot tolerate differences {except for an exclusive group who become the arbitrators of equality}. The world loved him even though other groups that used the same methodology, but for fraternal goals, were condemned and killed {Islamists}! Again, doublethink! Even while killing Islamic extremists, leaders were praising Islamic terrorists and criticizing those who were against Islamic terrorists. Confusing, isn’t it?!

The French Revolution’s motto of Liberty, Fraternity, Equality showed the true face of modern atheistic equality {defined and governed solely by the mores of man apart from the Word of God}. Though it failed it did not die but morphed into various forms until resurrecting again as the Communist Revolution of 1917 to form the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics {oxymoron}. However, while the revolution succeeded it was not because the proletariats rebelled. It succeeded because the peasants rebelled! After pondering this issue a group of German intellectuals {communists} expatriated themselves from Germany and settled  in New York City at Columbia University. They developed the philosophy of integrated social change via the very mechanisms of society to bring about the desired result – revolution. They became known as the Frankfurt School and went on to infiltrate major universities and influence millions. The 1950s (Beatniks) and the 1960s (Hippies) were the first agents of their revolution. Their primary weapons were the concepts of equality and fairness. But their motto had changed to Liberty, Equality, Justice. Fraternity {nationalism} was replaced by Justice {globalism} expanding the revolution to include the world.

Diversity: Coexistence of Differences
Equality: Eradication of Differences

The Frankfurt School, using its made-up Critical Theory {be critical of everything you do not believe in}, redefined the methodologies of the revolution. They would use language and the pseudoscience of psychology to infiltrate and redefine education and sociology as instruments to remake society in their image, one child at a time. National governments had been using this methodology for some time; like a virus, they simply infiltrated the system using it for their own revolutionary goals. The concepts of equality and fairness were soon joined by the bestest one of all – empathy. Empathy says we can be each other, know each other’s feelings, and thus cannot judge each other. This excused behaviors making it impossible to hold people accountable to those moralities that had held societies together since recorded history. The twin arms of equality and fairness created the doublethink {conflicting} standards that attracted people from all social strata since all people are sinners at heart. For example: racism is wrong but racism is encouraged when practiced by certain groups against what is considered the majority power holders.

This is considered Wrong
Because it says non-whites are racists

Yet, it is a true statement. Postmodernism is not concerned with truth but with goals and achieving those goals by any means possible. The slogan, “Black Lives Matter” is inherently racist because it places the lives of one group over all others. Yet, it is supported from President Obama downward through the organs of communication and power because it is in line with a globalist equality agenda that is contradictory {doublethink}. Diversity is the mechanism to harvest as many diverse peoples as possible by teaching them that they suffer because of inequality perpetrate by the {nationalistic} power structure. This unfairness can be changed if the members of these diverse groups will only unite to put, and maintain, the globalists in power. Empathy is the “glue” that unites these diverse, competing groups under the banner of fairness and the “carrot” of finally achieving justice {though demanding injustice on those who are considered unworthy of equality (you)}. Thus, they are ensnared. They cannot discuss these concepts on their merits because their actions are inherently contradictory. All appeals to logic are lost in emotional “rightness” and justice {it benefits me so it must be right}. This has played out at various national levels: America, England, European Union to great effect.

Why does this work? Why is it even possible? The Bible tells us plainly warning against ignoring God’s truth and walking in the sin of one’s heart (De 29:19), believing that God will never see the evil being done (Ps 10:11-13) or even believing there is no God (Ps 14:1). However, the guilt in your conscience tells you that you are doing wrong! Everyone believes they are right, even though their conscience tells them they are wrong (Pr 21:2). Sin has blinded them, turned them into fools who suffer the consequences of their sin while blaming God for their own plight (Ro 1:18-32). They believe this because has allowed them to believe this lie and listen to those who reinforce this lie of destruction (2Th 2:10-12; 2Ti 4:3-4).

Here is how it works. Empathy means I become you excusing your immorality as I embrace your goals that legitimize your wrong doing. Empathy means you must do the same for me. Those that do not practice empathy {Christians, nationalists} are called hateful and must be marginalized and eliminated {which is not diverse, tolerant, fair nor just}. Equality is determined by allegiance to globalization and removal of all barriers to globalization. Globalization is legitimized over nationalism {nation-state} being posited as fair and just. All nations are depicted as unfair and therefore unjust. Those nations that successfully employed free market principles are marginalized and wealth redistribution used to strip them of their power by the elite who promise to redistribute it to those who unsuccessfully practiced centralized planning principles {the very techniques used by globalists}. Various ploys are used to promote this endeavor. Environmentalism was one ploy to punish successful nations for plundering precious resources and robbing all nations of safe air and water for their own selfish success. Global warming supplemented environmentalism but its goal was derailed when actual data did not fit their narrative; therefore, the label was changed to climate change. When science does not provide the necessary support it is ignored, pseudosciences are legitimized and provide support and questionable philosophies are adopted, and legitimized via public education, are indoctrinated in the various societies {spontaneous generation, disproved in 19th century, was quickly resurrected as evolution and promulgated by the power of the state}.

Equality is the lie. Equality demands that ALL be equal. When everyone is equal: NO ONE is DIVERSE! Diversity is inequality. Truth exposes doublethink therefore and must be suppressed. The ultimate truth, the Bible, is marginalized and Christians have become the most persecuted group in the world in the 20th century {coinciding with the rise of globalization}. Peace, when everyone agrees and follows globalization, will be achieved  as dissenters {Christians} are eliminated; true equality. We should not be surprised since the Bible tells us that the world hates Jesus and thus hates those that truly follow Him (Jo 7:1-8; 15:18-27).

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).