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Regionalization: Waystop Toward Globalization
Government Does not Control Everything

It IS Everything

When General Eisenhower gave his speech to the troops about to participate in the D-Day landings he used the words, “united nations”, euphemism for globalization. The success of these landings not only spelled the end of the NAZI government but also the end of all national governments. That day the world changed and no one noticed.

The succeeding years only proved the volatility of the nation-state. The next several decades saw numerous “small scale conflicts” as nation after nation sought to throw off its feudal or colonial ties and emulate the powerful nation-states. They wrongly assumed that just becoming a nation-state would ensure prosperity in all realms. Many of these “nations’ languished because they did not have the cultural underpinnings required to emulate the Greco-Roman-Christian nation-states possessing power and wealth. But, a funny thing happened on the way to peace, nearly perpetual war.

The book, “The Suicide Pact” (Anthony Napolitano) looks beyond the fa├žade of the republic of America only to find it does not exist. He details the trail of imperial presidents who made or broke laws that impeded their march to power until we arrive at the current president who blatantly ignores or issues edicts based on his agenda, which is not revealed to us, the governed. According to Anthony Napolitano there are three elements of a “police state”: perpetual war, perpetual debt and laws do not come from our humanity but from the government. Perpetual war strengthens the government at the expense of the people; perpetual debt keeps the people powerless and dependent on the government who controls the economy; and if laws are the property of the government then it creates those laws the benefits it at the expense of the people. In other words, government becomes the source of morality and the head of the government becomes god. This is the actual goal of globalization, to concentrate power of government in one person who must be worshiped to receive benefits, or at least to escape harm. The militarization of the police force, and the concentration of its power in the head of the state, insures the people cannot effectively rebel against the established order. The book, The Limits of Power: “The End of American Exceptionalism“, (Andrew Bacevich) also discusses the imperial presidency and the projection of American dominance! How was this accomplished?


Globalization comes with many labels
Economics provides the necessary controls

Two different types of empires grew during the 20th century. One was based on military power at the expense of economic power. Though beloved by their populaces, the communist empires could not compete against the economic power of the West  Though both empires fought “small scale conflicts” during this period, the Communist empires suffered the most. The collapse of the Soviet Empire sent tremors around the world. America emerged victorious but not without consequences. The weakness of the nation-state lies in the limits of its control. The establishment of economic entities was soon followed by governmental entities (European Common Market became the European Union). But, America followed a different path. With the establishment of trade agreements, America sought to secure control of other nations peacefully, just as she had secured control of her states after the Civil War. This period is what I call, Regionalization. Control of regions provides a base to keep the economy flowing. This was the purpose of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Trade Organization (WTO); however, these and other international economic powers soon reached their limits of usefulness. Today, there are other trade agreements in place or being negotiated in secrecy. The following graphic lists the ones known.


These Trade Agreements Weaken Nation-States
While Strengthening the Empire Without War

While America seeks dominance over other nations via trade (economics), it controls its own populace primarily through economics; yet, undying both of these fronts it the availability of raw power judiciously applied against those who have not the power to strike back similarly. America has its unlimited war, “War on Terror” giving her the moral justification to execute “terrorists” without trial, without jury, and without oversight or appeal. America has become the largest, most effective terrorist nation in the Middle East. The nation debt grew by over 70% in this president’s watch. This stifles non-government control economic growth while allowing “crony capitalistic” businesses to thrive which controls both demands and prices. The ensuing inflation is the hidden tax reducing the middle class influence in government. These gradual steps hide the real goal of the nation-state/regionalization/globalization powers.


The Schematic of Globalization
All Influences are Property of the State

The various small government wars of the 20th century collapsed in exhausted petty dictatorships supported by foreign aid from the major empires. They have yet to be effective organized in the face of the newest threat, Islam. The nations of Islam are the last group to emerge from feudalism/colonialism. They are wealthy but they have not the means to effectively project power as they once could nor do they have the cultural/economic base to control economies. Their one asset, oil, is vulnerable. America has become one of the leading producers of oil again beating this group at their own game. Those of Islam who want to remain feudal and return to the “good ole days” are called terrorists. Though they are relatively weak and regional, America has used them to further strengthen its grip on internal power. The current spat of riots against the police are fostered to funnel the control of local and regional power into the federal system, continuing the process began with the Civil War. However, while America has shown the world how to accomplish regionalism/globalism, she will not be the dominant power. That power will arise from EuroAsia.

The co-opting of religion in support of the government will bring the diverse people together in unity. Supported by the pseudo-science threats of global warming/climate change along with the ravages of diseases not treated effectively the vast resources of EuroAsia will dwarf those of America. The United Nations, spoken so long ago by General Eisenhower, will at last take its place as the overarching power controlling the nation-states with the consent of the governed. There will not be peace nor prosperity nor security but there will be control, lots of control. Look to Great Britain as an example. This modern nation-state has the greatest network of CCTV yet it can barely control its increasingly violent population through traditional means.This will be the fate for all of us.

Why do I write these things? Christians fight battles that have already been lost because they do not understand or discern well. They have become too enamored with this world to see clearly that this world is basically evil and is passing away. We are to be focused on the gospel. The world will do as it will do according to God’s sovereign will. Becoming entangled in the affairs of this world robs us of our mission and does nothing to change the outcome. It is hard to see outside of our own culture. It is righteous because I live in it and it has taught me to believe it is righteous. This worldview was given to us purposefully by the government to support the government as it takes from us all that it can. I am very American. I have a uniform showing I supported America not just in word but in deed for a quarter of a century. There is no good thing in this world but we are to live in it in order to show the lost the difference between them and the saved under the same circumstances. It is the gospel that is stronger than economics which is stronger than military might. I have sought to expose the philosophical and other underpinnings of all the nation-states.

This is the last article of this series. Several have expressed opposing views and that is healthy. These are the ones who are thinking and challenged. I expect them to speak up. I hope that in thinking and investigating the sources I have given that they will come to similar conclusions.Yet, I too can only see dimly and there are many things that I see without seeing and hear without hearing (understanding). Like each of you, I too am a product of my time. Unlike many of you, I am torn between two worlds, not accepted by either. Jeremiah loved his country that he lamented continually over her. Yet, he had to speak the truth as God led and for that he was not loved by his country or people. He was loved by God and that was enough.


Reaching for the Promise of Globalization
Only to realize its crushing weight like Atlas

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).