Economics-Mid Nation-State Development


Marx and Engels Economic Philosophy Appears a Failure
Yet, the Ideas Developed During the French Revolution

Led Directly to the Communist Revolution in Moscow

Understanding economic influences is key to understanding the power transitions that have occurred, are occurring and will occur as long as sinful man, and Satan, seek to impose their flawed philosophy on mankind to destroy the Gospel of Christ leaving man no hope of Heaven.

This single sentence is the key to understanding history. The period of European history bounded by both the French and Communist Revolutions are but two sides of the same coin and as the graphic wisely reads, “A century of failure proves nothing!” Now, forget much of what you have been taught about the French Revolution bringing freedom to Europe. It actually brought death, disease and famine led behind the scenes by Satan {Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse} (Re 6:1-8). In essence, the French Revolution was the attempt of Enlightenment educated people to replace feudal European ways with “modern” government based solely on Reason thus doing away with Religion. The following schematic shows the transition away from religious influences on Government toward Wealth {redistribution} unfortunately at the expense of the people they claim to protect.


As Religion’s Influence Decreases
Wealth Apparently Increases

Remember, in Adam’s Smith’s Utopia Wealth, Government, Religion and Population all work together for their own ends but accomplish the best result for everyone. From this apparent randomness {in a sovereign God’s universe nothing is ever random} comes order and prosperity. The early Industrial Revolution saw flagrant abuses of the workers but as society changed from a feudal system to a modern nation-state “enlightened” system these abuses were addressed and removed, faster in some nations and very slow in others. France had resisted the Reformation by slaughtering the Huguenots which stunted her move from a monarchial feudal system. Some in this system sought economic reform but transition was slow. The abuses of this system became very apparent when compared with England which was making the transition more quickly. However, a tragedy occurred on the way to modernism, the Gospel was rejected.

The leaders of the French Revolution sought to remove religion entirely and base their changes solely on arbitrary rules. They ignored the signs and times God provided via the sun, moon and stars (Ge 1:14-19) and developed an arbitrary ten day week {only one day off}, changed the system of time, imposed a decimal system of weights and measures and started using a decimal monetary system. Only the Metric system and the decimal monetary system survived while the other led to severe confusion and economic collapse. An attempt was made at centralized planning, which failed, leading to famines and diseases. Since the swelling population outpaced current supplies one solution was to kill people who were viewed as superfluous {a method is in use today via abortions and enshrined on the Georgia Guidestones}. Yet, the French Revolution betrayed itself. When leaders placed prostitutes dressed as the goddess of Reason they communicated that their guidelines were not man-centered reasons but ancient Gnosticism which cared little for human life or freedom.


Following Roman Tradition
Napoleon Swept Away Roman Traditions

Out of this chaos arise one man who put together a military coalition and proclaimed himself, “First Consul”. He later became Emperor; however, his main claim to fame was that he swept away many of the vestiges of feudalism in the lands he conquered or control putting in place French atheism and French rules designed by his own brilliant mind, or so he thought. This changed the face of Europe and impacted the 20th century in ways that are still unclear to many scholars. With his defeat the vestiges of monarchy made a weak resurgence but were eventually found to be too weak to rule a modern nation-state. French atheistic rule was even brought to Mexico which has a weak form of RCC but a strong form of Gnosticism {paganism} practices still in place today.


Enlightened French Atheism Produced Continual Revolutions
The Hundred Years of European Peace was a Myth

For our purposes I refer the reader to the above graphic. Though Europe claimed to have one hundred years of peace between Napoleon and WWI, this was a myth. Today we would call this a period of terrorism punctuated by occasional wars for independence. What is actually occurring is that feudal Europe’s transition to a modern nation-state was violent and not coherent. Various philosophies of how to develop a nation-state, especially along economic lines, competed for attention, often violently. The Marx-Engels philosophy which became the basis for Communism emerged as the strongest contender because it borrowed heavily from the French Revolution. Atheism became the state religion in the form of state worship. Central planning would ensure that everyone would receive a “fair” share of goods and services. But, like the French Revolution, these attempts failed though great loss of life occurred to insure their success. But it was a doomed philosophy from the start. According to Marx the workers were supposed to rise up and seize power; however, the workers faced and slaughtered each other by the tens of thousands in the trenches of WWI while the farmers, those most oppressed by the feudal system, rose up and ensured Communist victory. It was apparent, Marx and Engels were wrong and all the violence accomplished along the way could not change the obvious.

A simple comparison between Adam Smith {Capitalism} and Marx {Communism} appeared to put Capitalism on the side of freedom and God while Communism was of Satan. But, events in America were going to point toward a different direction and produce what Marx’s Communism could not accomplish for all of its murders – change the world toward globalism under a single philosophy but “with the consent of the governed”!


Notice that Wealth is the Hidden Factor of Control
Religion {Gnosticism} is the Visible Element of Unity

The elements required to develop a nation are the same elements needed to bring people together in spite of their differences, the goal of Satan since Babel (Ge 11:1-9). And it was done via the economic philosophy of Capitalism. So while Europe was having their little WWI nation-state slug-fest America was undergoing its own “quiet” revolution of 1913, with the consent of the people! The people voted to allow the government to tax their personal income; thus, all their income became the property of the state who would then tell them how much they could keep each year. The people voted for popular election of senators {previously selected by state governments} removing the last vestige of state control over the federal government and in effect completing the work Lincoln started with the Civil War, unhindered federal control over the people. The final act of revolution was more quiet but it was the incorporation of the Federal Reserve System (FRS) to control the financial tangible means of control in league with the government. Just to be clear, the FRS was actually responsible for beginning and then prolonging the Great Depression, with FDR’s help. They were also responsible for the Stagflation of the 1970s and were a force in nearly every current fiscal crisis since their inception.

The 19th century saw the transition of feudal nations into modern nation-states usually through violent means. America made this transition in the 18th century seeking not a complete transition of society but a change of control of the tangible means. The Revolutionary War was not the end but only the beginning of our transition. The Civil War ensured strong federal control reducing the sovereign states to dependent entities through force or the threat of force. Our ongoing transformation was assisted by the Revolution of 1913 which gave the federal government access to nearly unlimited funds and power. The federal government then used this resource to enter WWI and show the world how to accomplish peaceful globalization through the League of Nations which was based on the federal model and the lessons learned in our Civil War.

Various economic systems competed for control but in the end all devolved into centralized planning and control of the tangible means of power. Capitalism was never free from government control and Communism could not control or ignore the market forces identified by Adam Smith. Soviet Communism was destroyed in its attempt to control these forces while Chinese Communism learned from their mistakes and allowed market forces to work under government direction, not unlike the Western Powers, only more so. The winner has been Satan. The 19th and early 20th century spelled the end of independent sovereign nation-states because of their perchance for wholesale destruction {WWi, WWII and ongoing regional wars}. The League of Nations began as a referee, and failed for the same reasons the Articles of Confederation failed, not enough power. The United Nations, especially through the efforts of America has projected power and has tentacles into nearly every facet of world trade, health and resource management. Remember, economics is not about money! It is about control and having the people accept the control. In other words, God allows lost man to enjoy the fruits of his rejection of God as He said in the book of Romans, “…and God gave them up…”

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).