Mosaic Law: Repentance Leading to Salvation

Gospel Appears to Replace Mosaic Law
When in fact Christ Fulfilled the Law

If there is one issue that appears to cause much confusion to Christians it is the relationship of the Gospel of Grace to God’s Law given through Moses. Many Christians believe that Christianity is a new religion that replaced the Law which is not taught in Scripture. Continue reading “Mosaic Law: Repentance Leading to Salvation”

Globalism Comes Home to Roost

Judaism, Israel, Semitism, Zionism??

Today America’s Secretary of State Kerry made the bold statement that, “Israel can be Jewish or democratic – not both!” These headlines reverberated around the world garnering the headlines the outgoing Obama administration has craved ever since the electorate chose Mr. Trump as their next president. Continue reading “Globalism Comes Home to Roost”

Law: We Love to Hate It!


Man Both Love and Hate the Law

Ever since Cain went to the land of wanderers to become their leader he found himself forced to develop a system of laws (society) to ensure survival of the city he had built (Ge 4:16-17). Herein is the contradiction; Cain who had murdered his brother in violation of God’s admonition to control himself (Ge 4:6-7) now found it necessary to develop a system of laws so that other people who had rejected God could be prevented from murdering each other Continue reading “Law: We Love to Hate It!”

Satan: Asking the Wrong Questions?


Since Satan a Major Agent in Sanctification
Is he then our Friend?

In our last two posts I have laid the foundation to ask the question, “Is Satan our friend or foe in our sanctification?” This is the forced conclusion of the two suppositions: 1) Man has no free will and 2) Satan the major agent in testing us, preparing us through the sanctification process. Continue reading “Satan: Asking the Wrong Questions?”

Murder – Sin’s Ultimate Release


Murder was present with
man’s first sin

Jesus says Satan was a liar and murderer from the beginning (Jo 8:44) telling us that murder and sin are intimately connected, forever inseparable. Continue reading “Murder – Sin’s Ultimate Release”

Remembering the Victims, Honoring God

A concept image of liberty showing a pistol and rifle with the constitution booklet on the American flag,

Another Mass Slaughter
Another Cry for Political Action
Another Opportunity to Use the Victims

News came today about the mass murder in Orlando, FL, at the Pulse Club, a club frequented by gays. The shooter has been tentatively identified as Omar Mateen, with possible extremist Islamic leanings. The President has been briefed and will be continually updated. Unfortunately, this heading has become all too common, all too often. Continue reading “Remembering the Victims, Honoring God”

Widow’s Offering Condemns Minimum Wage

Sculpture Widows Mite

Widow’s Offering
Christ’s Condemnation of Religion

The Gospels contain one of the most misunderstood observations of Christ that has great application to us today and I am referring to the Widow’s Offering at the Temple (Mk 12:41-44; Lk 21:1-4). Continue reading “Widow’s Offering Condemns Minimum Wage”

Understanding True Jewry – Healing Wings


Tallit (Prayer Shawl)
with Tzitzit (Fringes)

The tallit or Jewish prayer shawl was commanded by God as a garment to remind the Jews that their salvation lay in prayer to Him rather than by works of the Law (Nu 15:37-40). I draw a direct connection between the Jews and prayer in their victory over the Amalekites (Ex 17:8-16). Continue reading “Understanding True Jewry – Healing Wings”

Living the Rules or How to Fail

Ten Statements & Cross

Ten Statements Lead to the Cross

People view religion as a set of rules designed to keep people from having fun in order to please God, or at least their idea of God. However, the Bible does not teach living by rules. The Bible does give some rules but not as a means of pleasing God in order to get to “heaven”. So, how did nearly everyone miss the boat on this one? Continue reading “Living the Rules or How to Fail”