Nostalgia for Charles Finney’s Godly America

This man nearly single-handedly made
America a godly nation: But which god?

Many in American Christendom have this yearning to return America to its godly roots, away from its current anti-God philosophical societal self-destruction. However, I have heard no one describe this godly America they so nostalgically yearn to reimplement. Charles Finney, the Great Revivalist epitomizes the Christian philosophy that moved America during the 19th century and his influence remains today in many churches. However, a study of his doctrine reveals his beliefs to be anything but godly. Continue reading “Nostalgia for Charles Finney’s Godly America”

Mosaic Law: Repentance Leading to Salvation

Gospel Appears to Replace Mosaic Law
When in fact Christ Fulfilled the Law

If there is one issue that appears to cause much confusion to Christians it is the relationship of the Gospel of Grace to God’s Law given through Moses. Many Christians believe that Christianity is a new religion that replaced the Law which is not taught in Scripture. Continue reading “Mosaic Law: Repentance Leading to Salvation”

Jonah: A Study in Ridiculousness

Turning Jonah into a caricature
robs this book of its truths

No other Old Testament book elicits more repudiation in the veracity of the Bible than the book of Jonah. The standard belief that a man is swallowed by a fish, survives and then preaches repentance to a very powerful militaristic nation that turns to God is beyond the belief of modern man; as well it should for that is not really the truth of this book. Continue reading “Jonah: A Study in Ridiculousness”

Discernment Fallacies

This is how Christians are taught Discernment
This confusing process discourages true growth

What is discernment? Following the first Law of Logic, Law of Identity, this question must be clearly answered or any discussion becomes meaningless, confused and degenerates into a morass of rules and platitudes. The Free Dictionary defines discernment as, “The act or process of exhibiting keen insight and good judgment.” Notice the problem with this definition? Continue reading “Discernment Fallacies”

The Arbitrariness of a God Who Can Do Anything

Christians Teach that God Can Do Anything
Do You Know What That Really Means?

We are all guilty of blurting out trite ditties without giving them much thought believing that these little sayings can end all discussion on a topic. The unfortunate aspect is that one does not take the time to fully explore the implications of such a saying. The phrase taught by Christians and sung in a chorus by children, “God Can Do Anything But Fail,” is such a trap of logic and belief. Continue reading “The Arbitrariness of a God Who Can Do Anything”

Soul Winning Done Wrong

Soul Winning Usually Taught as a Technique:
Salesmanship Rather Than  Work of the Spirit

Soul winning, as it is usually called in evangelical circles, by its very title takes a non-Biblical approach to presenting the Gospel of Christ. Unfortunately, it relies on salesmanship techniques to obtain the lost’s attention, convince them of the truth and secure their willingness to say “the prayer” inviting Christ into their heart.  None of these approaches are taught in the Bible and thus are doomed to failure. Continue reading “Soul Winning Done Wrong”

Friendships: Helping on the Journey

Friendships Reduced to the Basest
Sentimentality Becomes Meaningless

Friendships are one of the most difficult relationships to define but the easiest to recognize; especially in modern life. Wikipedia defines friendship as, “a relationship of mutual affection between people”. The above graphic sentimentalizes friendship into a meaningless emotionalism. In essence, friendship becomes the means by which you either succeed or fail on your journey through life. Continue reading “Friendships: Helping on the Journey”

Nihilism: Depravity Devouring Depravity

Kitty Genovese: Picture of Innocence
Total Depravity’s Poster Child

Ms. Kitty Genovese was brutally attacked and killed in 1964, by a psychopath named Winston Moseley (New York Times Retro Report). The original story claimed 38 persons heard her screams for help and no one either came to help her or attempted to become involved simply by phoning the police. This became the basis for articles, TV shows and movies about the effect of urban life on persons willingness to help others. This myth persists today. The truth is very different. Continue reading “Nihilism: Depravity Devouring Depravity”

Insanity: Expecting Good from Depravity

Beheading of John the Baptist
Example of Depravity on many levels

A friend asked me to help him prepare a lesson on human corruption as demonstrated by the guests of Herod’s who did not condemn him for ordering the beheading of John the Baptist and thus became partners in his demonstration of sinful depravity (Mt 14:1-12; Mk 6:14-29). Continue reading “Insanity: Expecting Good from Depravity”

Government: One Body for All

Sinisterism: Defining Man’s
One Body Imitation of Christ

Continuing our discussion of socialism from last week (Government Without Socialism?) we need to understand the context of current events or we lose any sense of the big picture and simply run from one “crisis” to another. Since Lucifer is not the author of anything new we need to understand what he is attempting to copy in order to understand seemingly unrelated events and forces at work today. Continue reading “Government: One Body for All”