Why Eschatology Matters

Postmillennialism Believes Christians
Will Make a Better World for People

Postmillennialism is the belief that Christians through the Church will bring mankind into a moral utopia that grows better and better until Christ returns to reward those who live so morally. This eschatological (end times) view suffered serious setbacks at the beginning of the 20th century due to the death and devastation of both World Wars and the world-wide effects of the Great Depression. Many Christians and non-Christians believe that one’s eschatological beliefs are of little consequence in everyday life; however, the Progressive Movement and today’s globalization movement are a direct result of Postmillennialism’s pervasive influence.
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False Premise: Some Leaven is Good

False Premise: Some Leaven is Acceptable
Question: How much sin is allowed?

Continuing our discussions of sin and false premises let us apply what we have learned to our time. Christ told a parable, “The kingdom of heaven is like leaven that a woman took and hid in three measures of flour, till it was all leavened (Mt 13:33).” This highly controversial parable is often taught as leaven being a good metaphor; however, this ignores the fact that leaven everywhere else in the Bible is considered a metaphor for sin {“Let us therefore celebrate the festival, not with the old leaven, the leaven of malice and evil, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth”} (1Co 5:6-8). Continue reading “False Premise: Some Leaven is Good”

Foolishness of God or Men

Integration of Science and Magic
Is the Integration of Gnosticism

The power of modern media to legitimize the integration of science {string theory} and magic {gnosticism} reveals the foolishness of men who reject the what they call the “foolishness” of the Bible {Gospel}. Continue reading “Foolishness of God or Men”

Science as Religion

Science as a Definition of Truth
Abandoned on Shore of Faith

Natural philosophy began in the Enlightenment to define the “truth” of physical reality apart from God (religion). As discussed in our last post (Evolutionary Morality an Oxymoron) scientific attempts to explain morality have been futile. This post will show that the concreteness of science is an illusion fed to the public as an antidote against religion when in fact, science is itself a religion. Thus, atheism which claims to be scientific and distinct from religion is a religion! Continue reading “Science as Religion”

How Feminism Was Tricked into Increasing State Power

This Corollary Should Never be Forgotten:
State Always Acts to  Increase Its Power

In the beginning there was a man and a woman. The woman was to be protected by the man. A trickster entered the screen and tricked the woman into taking an independent action that he claimed would make her independent. She did; it did not. The man saw the event, allowed it to occur, participated himself as he liked the outward result but when confronted by his superior he took no responsibility seeking to make the woman totally responsible. Sound familiar? Story of sin! Continue reading “How Feminism Was Tricked into Increasing State Power”

Police Protect and Serve Whom?

The Police Motto: To Protect and Serve:
Citizens Believes it applies to them

Ever since the days of Dragnet and Adam-12 the American public has been led to believe that the police have a duty to protect them. These television shows were designed to rehabilitate the image of the Los Angeles Police Department which had been scandalized by corruption, ineptitude and unsolved high-profile cases. The department gladly cherry-picked cases that were “dramatized” (recreated to make the police appear impartial, fair-minded, and ready to sacrifice themselves to protect you, the individual citizen. Continue reading “Police Protect and Serve Whom?”

Pseudoscience of Statistics – How We Fool Us


I Have Pre-Determined Your Answer
Based on How I Asked the Question: Free Will?

There is a growing reliance on pseudoscience to determine society’s future direction masquerading as science to those who should know the difference but do not. I am reminded of the Bible, which should be our guide in all things, that those who reject God’s truth band together in order to convince themselves that they are in fact speaking truth because there are so many of them speaking the same “truth” (Ro 1:28-32)! Continue reading “Pseudoscience of Statistics – How We Fool Us”

Movies as Propaganda


Movies function as Propaganda
Quietly Propagating Anti-God Messages

Many believe that music, art, television and movies are usually neutral in everyday circumstances though each of these have a recognized propaganda value. One simply needs to point to the mid-20th century to see how nearly every major nation used the visual and auditory mediums to broadcast propaganda messages to its population. Continue reading “Movies as Propaganda”

Economics Without Christ – Globalization


Regionalization: Waystop Toward Globalization
Government Does not Control Everything

It IS Everything

When General Eisenhower gave his speech to the troops about to participate in the D-Day landings he used the words, “united nations”, euphemism for globalization. The success of these landings not only spelled the end of the NAZI government but also the end of all national governments. That day the world changed and no one noticed. Continue reading “Economics Without Christ – Globalization”

Economics and Christ – Currency


Currency – Most Recognizable Aspect of Economics
and the Least Understood Element of Finance

I have subsumed finance and currency under the general subject of economics using the term, “tangible means” of control. I did this to maintain simplicity and to stay on the trail of economics as a means of control of people on a macro scale. However, simplicity can raise confusion by appearing to ignore and/or unaware of various influential elements. Continue reading “Economics and Christ – Currency”