Father of Christmas Past, Present and Future

Popular Cartoon of Santa Claus by
Thomas Nash 1881 in America

Nothing is more enduring in America today than the gnostic mythos of Santa Claus and the supposed holiday {holy day} of Christmas. I could opine about the gnostic values of Christmas being antithetical to biblical Christian truths but no one, saved or lost, cares as long as they can wax nostalgic on this holiday {Merry Gnostic Christmas}. Facts concerning this pagan celebration are lost on even the most pietist believing Christian who worships the power of the state to bring about God’s kingdom on earth. This is probably the basis for Christians and non-Christians uniting around this mystic figure. Continue reading “Father of Christmas Past, Present and Future”

Eugenics is the True Methodology of Evolution

Evolution exists because of tolerance of its
Logical Fallacies that excuse its practice-Eugenics

The above graphic, a quote by Richard Dawkins, is suppose to quiet all opposition to evolution; however, it commits the logical fallacy of conflation to destroy its very legitimacy. While gravity is a theory because the actual force is unknown, its effects are measurable and repeatable {you do this ever time you weigh yourself}. However, evolution is a past event; therefore, it is not repeatable nor can it be measurable which removes it from the realm of science. Evolution is in fact a context for discoverable facts; however, it has failed to even fit the facts that it claims. Evolution survives because it carries the force of government being the only legitimate view of creation allowed to be taught in schools. In other words, evolutionary theory survives because of government suppression of free speech of opposing contexts of the available facts. Continue reading “Eugenics is the True Methodology of Evolution”

Racism: The Myth of Our Day

This common platitude expresses ignorance
of both the Bible and common observation

Racism is the catchphrase of the day being touted as the major sin and the basis for justifying incredible personal and social violence that has not been seen in America since the heyday of the 1960s. According to Merriam-Webster, racism is “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.” The above graphic succinctly expresses the ignorance permeating preventing rational discussion of this issue. The problem is violation of the Law of Identity of Logic. Racism demands that there be at least two different races; there is only one race. Continue reading “Racism: The Myth of Our Day”

The Government We Deserve

International Best Seller Defining
Utopia of Military Socialism

Government is a true religion: it has its dogmas, its mysteries, its priests. To submit it to the individual discussion is to destroy it; it is given life only through the national mind, that is to say, by political faith, which is a creed” {Joseph de Maistre}. On this Memorial Day when Americans claim to mourn those who gave their lives defending America it is only fitting that we who are alive clearly understand what this holiday really means. Continue reading “The Government We Deserve”

Possible Basis of Islam – Noahide Laws

President and Congress Bound America to the Noahide Laws

The Noahide Laws are unknown to most Americans and unfortunately certain groups have shrouded the Noahide Laws in myth and conspiracy. Understanding this Talmudic Jewish concept of world order will help you in clearly decoding the rhetoric you will encounter when you research this topic. Continue reading “Possible Basis of Islam – Noahide Laws”

A Fantastic Plot and How to Embrace It

Were You Watching? Did You See?
Did You Embrace the Plot?

I am interested in the how the movies seek to indoctrinate their viewers with their vision of our future; in other words, is the plot of the movie the real plot or is it hidden just behind the story? Continue reading “A Fantastic Plot and How to Embrace It”

Science is the Trap of Doom

The Glittering World of Science
Snaring Mankind in his Sin

The last two posts discussed the fallacy of modern science. These posts were somewhat involved as I explained why science cannot answer the questions that many claim that it does answer. Thus, these posts may have fallen on deaf ears because as a people Americans do not have the attention span to grasp the elementary principles of a complex discussion. Continue reading “Science is the Trap of Doom”

How Feminism Was Tricked into Increasing State Power

This Corollary Should Never be Forgotten:
State Always Acts to  Increase Its Power

In the beginning there was a man and a woman. The woman was to be protected by the man. A trickster entered the screen and tricked the woman into taking an independent action that he claimed would make her independent. She did; it did not. The man saw the event, allowed it to occur, participated himself as he liked the outward result but when confronted by his superior he took no responsibility seeking to make the woman totally responsible. Sound familiar? Story of sin! Continue reading “How Feminism Was Tricked into Increasing State Power”

Empathy’s Goal – Tyrannical Equality

George Orwell Popularized this Term
Modern Culture uses Doublethink

Our brief look at empathy now looks at its practical application in our lives under the guise of equality. What is equality? It is the quality of being equal. What does this actually tell us about the concept; nothing! Continue reading “Empathy’s Goal – Tyrannical Equality”

How to Get People to Discriminate Against Themselves

For People to Discriminate Against
Themselves You Need a Slogan

Before discussing our topic I want to interject this snippet that succinctly emphasizes why people miss the point, usually {The paper discusses liberty and equality, topics pertinent to our discussion}. “…For one thing, the discussants are rarely very clear about what exactly their subject is, and so confusion is virtually inevitable. For another, the discussion tends to proceed by simply proclaiming principles rather than by trying to find a fundamental basis for them; consequently, the incompatible conclusions reached by different discussants are immune to rational rebuttal or qualification, again making disagreement unsurprising. Finally, discussants typically have special interests, axes to grind,which also impedes sober analysis and responsible, objective reasoning. Perhaps it is too much to hope that the treatment undertaken here will succeed where others have failed, but it is certainly worth a try.” (Liberty and Equality—A Question of Balance?). Thus, you need a good poorly defined {violates the Law of Identity} slogan so no one can be too sure what is actually under discussion {plausible deniability}. Continue reading “How to Get People to Discriminate Against Themselves”