Animalism of Modern Philosophy

Animalism is Philosophical Viewpoint
All Men are Basically Animals – Evolution

Let us obey the First Law of Logic (Identity) and define our term. Animalism is the philosophical doctrine that humans are animals in their essential identity and are persons only through their contingent (conditional properties) properties (Free Dictionary). The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy discusses that being human does not necessarily make you human; i.e., you can be an animal but not human such as those in a persistent vegetative state or a fetus to give two examples.

I propose that this view of man is not new but has been given invigoration via the pseudo-sciences of evolution and psychology both interrelated and developed to defeat the notion that man is a creation of God, sins and in need of a Savior (Ge 2:7, 21-22; 3:4-7; Ro 3:21-26).

Via the Fourth Law of Logic (Logical Inferences) I believe (infer) that the Bible explains why this is relevant for us to understand today. Modern man believes the following: 1) Man is an animal with choice; 2) Animals are one with nature; 3) Therefore man should desire to be one with nature, and animals. Now, this is not stated as bluntly as this but in denying absolute morality man has placed himself as god in defining what is right and wrong (morality). Therefore, whoever is developing the current system of morality insures they are defined as acceptable and those who do not meet their standard are defined as in need of help (or at least control) to prevent harm to those who are acceptable.

This is how man views Animalism
Oneness with all Life in Nature

This is the essence of Gnosticism. The true knowledge of truth is that man is an essential part of all nature but having a choice man is often at odds with nature, destroying the balance of nature. The elements of Gnosticism are embedded in all beliefs, except true Christianity, unifying all faiths into one that will restore man and the balance of nature in a harmony. Currently religions compete with each other to express an aspect of truth, often with much violence. Islam is just the latest expression of religious violence raging around the world especially in opposition to scientific atheism (evolution and psychology are aspects of this faith). Gnosticism is ready to spring forth promising peace and prosperity by joining all faiths together in a grand celebration of equality (unity) promising peace and prosperity with the ultimate goal of evolving until man at last reaches his rightful place as gods (theme in many sci-fi stories. However, there is one problem: none of these religions nor gnosticism itself can account for the persistence or degradation of sin. The Bible provides a complete and coherent explanation but is rejected specifically because the solution relies on God and not man.

This is the result of Sin in Man
Degradation of Man to Animalism

The Psalmist laments his discouragement of injustice and inequality in the world apparently going unpunished by God (Ps 73). He describes himself as having slipped on the way (path of God). He believes he has missed out on life by following God’s ways and was thinking of forsaking the correct path. Then he goes into the Temple, and presumably with God’s word, to discern not only their end but his own condition. He describes in Hebraic terms how he was becoming a beast, a cow, by rejecting God’s truth. Walking the path that appeared to provide prosperity, enlightenment and equality with others would rob him of his humanity reducing him to the level of an animal – true meaning of animalism. Paul describes in detail how this occurs.

All people understand there is God if for no other reason than the awe inspiring expanse of the cosmos and the inner consistency of morality. Down through history it has always been wrong to murder, steal, lie and destroy the family. This is God’s morality instilled in each person as each person is a mirror image of God, though marred by sin (expressed as sins). Paul boldly states that man understands that God exists but rejects that knowledge leaving himself without excuse for sin (Ro 1:18-32). Natural man rejects this saying that pseudo-random evolutionary processes produced morality in man, though he cannot explain why animals have not developed morality through these same processes. But, the natural man, unsaved man equipped with his fallen sinful nature, cannot understand the truth of God; it makes no sense to him (1Co 2:14).

However, notice what man chose to worship once he had rejected God: nature, frequently the animals of nature including himself. You are what you worship. Saved man worships God elevating his soul upward while lost man worships nature changing into the very violence exhibited in nature. Notice the downward spiral from physical immorality, mirrors inward spiritual immorality, that ultimate degrades into lesbianism, homosexuality, transgenderism and now today even agenderism (Read The Asexual Network for some confusing comments). Yes, American courts have upheld that there is such a thing as non-male/non-female {Violates the Law of Excluded Middle}. This downward spiral, herald as freedom by lost man, is actually enslavement to the degradation of sin. Today one can easily see and hear vulgarities associated with activities that would not be mentioned previously.

The emphasis on bodily functions and sex robs man of whatever dignity he was born with so that it is not unusual to hear men and women crudely referring to defecation, urination, copulation in language so crude that schools do not even bother teaching adjectives or adverbs. What does this inner emphasis on animalism mean for outward behavior? It ranges from disobedient to parents to murder. Rather than being appalled by such behavior and repenting, people seek out others who do the same to legitimize and justify their sins while attacking those who reject their particular sins. The human mind is so starved for consistent morality that it has accepted submission to false religions (Islam for example) even if they demand violence.

The Bible teaches that sin degrades and those who teach false religions are themselves brute beasts (2Pe 2:12-14; Jude 10). They violently attack what they do not understand in order to show themselves righteous by their own standard – Gnosticism. The true faith is peaceable (Ja 3:17-18). This peace is based on the Gospel of salvation in Christ, the Way, and not on agreement with that which is patently condemned by the Scriptures (2Co 4:1-3). Christians have obtained with peace with God and seek to share that with everyone (Ro 5:1-11; 10:9-13). The dark will not walk in the light but seeks to destroy the light; thus, Christianity is the most persecuted faith in the world today without a single word from the world’s media. They rejoice in the destruction of the faith to further their own faith. But, as they burrow deeper into their sin the expected results of peace and unity are revealed to be further violence and degradation.

There is no hope that the world will come to its senses for the lost seek only further darkness. They would have to reach for the truth of God and this they cannot do without God; yet, they refuse God Who would help them. We are not better because we are saved and of the light. We were once the same but Christ came for us to send us into the world so they light of Christ may testify to their darkness until He comes (2Co 4:4-7). Each of us has sinned, each of us has failed because we remain in this body of sin. We have no reason to boast of anything. God uses us to show them that anyone can be saved because I am saved, a chief sinner. Nebuchadnezzar had his sinful nature revealed to him and he lived like the animalistic sinner he was for seven years. Then God in His grace gave to Nebuchadnezzar a new heart, standing him on his feet like a man of God – saved (Da 4). He can save you, even you.

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).