False Dilemmas Everywhere so Beware

This is an excellent example of the
False Dilemma Logical Fallacy

Though I have recently written about the false dilemma logical fallacy I believe that we should look at it again from a slightly different perspective as it is so prevalent in everyday discussions; especially in use by the media outlets to elevate their position over what they view as an opposing position.
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The Average Voter is Lost

Democracy is Predicated on a Myth
An Aggregation of Voters Find Truth

Democracy teaches its citizens that as a group they filter out error via majority rule; nowhere is this a stronger belief than in America though history reveals this to not be the case. Ergo, it is a popularly believed myth that substitutes its own fallacies for truth, especially during presidential election years.
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Have You Worshiped the Antichrist?

Christians seek to find the Antichirst
They Should Discover the False Prophet

Christians search for the Antichrist reminds me of the Scarlet Pimpernel, “They seek him here, they seek him there, those Frenchies seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven or is he in hell?” However, John told us that anyone who denies that Jesus is the Christ is an antichrist (1Jo 2:18-23). In fact, he bluntly states that those who were once among them, false professors of Jesus, but have now left the church(s) are in fact antichrists. Continue reading “Have You Worshiped the Antichrist?”

Infinite God Created Heaven

If God is Infinite then He is Boundless
Heaven as a place cannot contain God

The general conception is that God is infinite since He is omnipresent, everywhere simultaneously. Scripture does not outright declare God to be infinite but it does allude to Him being outside of His creation(s). The Psalms declare that there are no limits to God’s understanding and that He has sufficient power {ability} to create this material physical universe which includes earth and us (Ps 147:1-6). The assumption is that God lives in Heaven; however, Heaven as a place has boundaries and thus cannot contain an infinite God.
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Seeing Through an Enigma

This book reveals in the political realm
Truth Bible revealed centuries ago

President Lincoln said, “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time;” because he succeeded in fooling all the people all the time using the hammer of war against those who would not believe the lie. President Lincoln’s control of the press was blunt: he destroyed presses and imprisoned thousands for exercising their right of free speech {DiLorenzo, T. Lincoln Unmasked. Random House. 2006.}. The government learned that lesson well and continues to control the press today, though less heavily handed than President Lincoln.
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False Dilemma: Superstition or Education

False Narrative: Faith (Superstition)
Or Scientific Knowledge (Education)

On of the ignored false dilemmas of the 19th century was the deliberate pitting of faith, characterized as superstition, against scientific knowledge that was being developed and taught in public schools as fact.  This false dilemma continues today under many flags but its major characteristic is its reliance on the ignorance of its adherents.
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Jerusalem: Capital of Israel?

Jerusalem Under the Shadow of Zionism, Judaism,
Islam and Christianity; But Christ?

President Trump’s declaration that America would recognize Jerusalem as the legitimate capital of Israel was like tossing a branch into a hornet’s nest! Everyone had a reaction. Not surprising, Islamic adherents were vehement in their opposition, not so much because of the Mosque of Omar at the Temple Mount site, but because of their racial hatred of all Jews as enshrined in their holy books. The Jewish response was also not surprising since they have been seeking support from any powerful nation to help them realize this dream that was born with the United Nations declaration that gave birth to the modern nation of Israel. Yet, it was the reaction of Christians that should give one pause to ask if they even understand the very Scriptures they claim to use to guide them in their understanding of God and His plans?
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War to Begin All Wars-WWI and Beyond

American and German Enlistment Posters
Posit the same Demand-Die for the Government

World War One (WWI) did not begin as an American war but as a European war; however, America entered the war to advance its Progressive agenda at the cost of tens of thousands of lives of its soldiers. Continue reading “War to Begin All Wars-WWI and Beyond”

Father of Christmas Past, Present and Future

Popular Cartoon of Santa Claus by
Thomas Nash 1881 in America

Nothing is more enduring in America today than the gnostic mythos of Santa Claus and the supposed holiday {holy day} of Christmas. I could opine about the gnostic values of Christmas being antithetical to biblical Christian truths but no one, saved or lost, cares as long as they can wax nostalgic on this holiday {Merry Gnostic Christmas}. Facts concerning this pagan celebration are lost on even the most pietist believing Christian who worships the power of the state to bring about God’s kingdom on earth. This is probably the basis for Christians and non-Christians uniting around this mystic figure. Continue reading “Father of Christmas Past, Present and Future”

Postmillennialism Becomes Progressive Socialism

Everything listed in this graphic is wrong
Progressive Era about increasing Statism

In my recent posts (Why Eschatology Matters; Faith Affects Government, Always; and Nostalgia for Charles Finney’s Godly America) I have tried to inform the reader about America’s true past that centers on the Progressive Era (1890-1920). The Progressive Era grew out of Protestant Postmillennialism and into politics to create a better society to present to Christ so He will return and establish His Kingdom on earth {in essence}. The America you see today is a result of the Progressive Era whose effects never receded. Continue reading “Postmillennialism Becomes Progressive Socialism”